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Who we are

We are passionate about collective collaboration and the potential that each individual possesses.

Unprecedented forms of cooperation and communication were made possible by nowadays' technological advances. Virtual networks can capture a collective knowledge and experience that surpasses those of an individual. The same applies to the collective effort and creativity of the masses. Another promising potential is the ability to collectively choose the best for a community, and ultimately donate or invest in meaningful and impactful ideas, projects and institutions (crowdfunding).

There are several names for this movement. A common and more and more popular term for it is crowdsourcing. Orange Bird promotes crowdsourcing in Portugal and abroad through its several iniciatives.

It is great to live innovative times like these, where communication and wealth transfer channels undergo rapid transformation and gain the potential of leveraging the well-being of an entire community or crowd. Carpe diem!

Executive team

Advisory board

João Pedro Tavares

João Pedro Tavares

Vice-PresidentAccenture Portugal

Manuel Ferreira da Costa

Manuel Ferreira da Costa

Partner Sousa Machado, Ferreira da Costa & Associados

Pedro Janela

Pedro Janela

CEO WYgroup

Miguel Alves Martins

Miguel Alves Martins

Executive Director IES Social Business School



Our experience with several hundred successful campaigns allow the PPL team to provide reliable and efficient advisory in managing crowdfunding campaigns.

Along with several partners in the media, accounting and communication industries, we can offer turnkey solutions for companies that wish to promote such campaigns.

Check the following example from "Juntos Fazemos Lisboa" coalition, that aimed to create a motivational video for young voters in 2013 and resulted in the first political crowdfunding campaign in Europe.

Software development

All of our solutions are based in technological platforms developed and managed by Orange Bird.

We have a strong know-how in open-source solutions, on top of which we have developed custom integrations such as payment systems, online ticketing systems, invoicing systems and added value calls.

These skills are applied in customized, collaborative solutions for our customers such as crowdsourcing or open innovation platforms.


Our team is composed by members that teach at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa and/or are certified trainers (Certificado de Competências Pedagógicas de Formador - CCP)

The hands-on approach of the crowdsourcing industry will bring enormous added-value to a training program in this domain.

Our projects

Here are the active projects that have been developed and are currently being managed by Orange Bird.

Our flexibility and extended skill set allow us to offer an extended range of solutions customized for the needs of each customer.

Contact us

We're available through e-mail, phone or in person in Lisbon.

Av. Prof. Gama Pinto 2
1649-003 Lisboa, Portugal

Telephone number: (+351) 922 292 605